Start saving money with a MAS Roof, fulfilling energy demand and thinking in a sustainable way

MAS Roof price

With a MAS Roof you buy all this:

• A self-supporting and anti-seismic structure.
• Under roof insulation.
• Weatherproof roof tiles.
• A supporting structure for energy systems (solar and photoovoltaic).

The work of architects, engineers, bricklayers, electricians and plumbers, that with MAS Roof is performed by a single skilled team in only a few days.

Than you can choose

The energy solution that fits your demands, with the roof shape that you want.

According to your climate zone, type of building (private / public / commercial...) or intervention (new building / restoration project / energy-saving regeneration), money you want to spend, government rebates and local utility rates.

MAS Roof shapes and energy solutions

MAS Roof - Pool with solar curved roof

Solar thermal roof

• Heating
• Domestic hot water

- Large amount of heating energy especially in hot climates.
- Works well with every climate.
- Less expensive investment.
- The cost for MAS solar thermal is approximately three times lower than nowadays market solutions.
- Non-invasive operations on the building.
- You can use solar cooling systems to turn heating in cooling.

- In cold and temperate climates, expecially during winter, the solar thermal system must be implemented with an heat generator such as a boiler.
- The heat output is higher in summer, when the heat demand is lower (this exceed can be exploited with a solar cooling system).
- Solar cooling is nowadays an expensive investment, not suitable for domestic use. MAS Roof, within three years and with the help of the italian company Thermics, aims to provide a solar cooling machine with an affordable price even for small users.

Photovoltaic roof

• Electricity

- Combined with a heating pump and a electric boiler it can fullfill the demand for domestic hot water, cooling and heating.
- Adequate in cold and temperate climates.

- Not adequate in hot climate, as the rise in temperature can damage the panel on the long run and worsen the performance.

MAS Roof Photovoltaic

PVT Roof or combined solutions

• Electricity
• Domestic hot water
• Heating
• Cooling

- Adequate in cold and temperate climates.
- Simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy from the panels.
- The water in the circuit improves the performance of the photovoltaic panels.
- During winter, hot water could be forced in the circuit to melt snow, frost and ice off the roof.
- The cost of the MAS PVT panels is approximately half compared to existing solutions of the market.

- During winter an heat generator is required.
- The investment is more expensive.

The roofing system that suits your building and your needs