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MAS Roof Srl

MAS Roof s.r.l. is an innovative startup, based in Italy near Venice, founded in 2016.
The name “MAS” is an acronym for modular, anti-seismic and solar, three characteristics that show a new way of conceiving the roof.
MAS Roof has developed an innovative technology to create a structural panel with roof functions, that integrates photovoltaic, solar thermal or both systems.

• Vision
Making the most sustainable solutions for capturing and conversion of solar energy.

• Mission
Spread all over the world an innnovative and industrialized roofing system: modular, insulating, anti-seismic, with solar integrated; the all in one solution for clean energy production.

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Mario Damo

Mario Damo

Inventor & Project Manager

Dario Lotteri



Diego Basset

Diego Basset

CTO & Science area

Stefano Tosello

Stefano Tosello

Marketing operative

Renzo Taffarello

Renzo Taffarello

Sales executive


Michele Pizzolla

Administrative controller


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Thermics Energie

Tecnological systems for the production
 of solar cooling and heating
Pool Engineering

IUAV University of Venice 

 Architecture, Construction and Conservation.
Design and Planning in Complex Environments.
Architecture and Arts
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Pierresse S.r.l.

Development, design and manufacturing of steel and aluminium injection mould for plastic materials
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Azimut S.r.l.

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MAS srl was established in 2010 by the encounter of two managers and an entrepreneur, linked by a professional esteem cultivated over time. They started up the project MAS (Modular Antisismic Solar) with the aim to design, manufacture and marketing of "green bulding" products with composite materials, for the exploitation of renewable energies with particular regard to solar thermal and photovoltaic.

The Managers are Eng. Renzo Taffarello for the commercial part and Eng. Diego Basset for research, while the entrepreneur and the originator of the undertaking is Mario Damo. On this basis, did the shareholders of MAS consists of a group of Venetian Companies with experience in the technical areas of thermoplastics, thermosets and nanotechnology, with particular reference to the commercial sectors of the Auto and Home Appliance.

After three years we have developed, patented and prototyped the "roof modular panel".
The panel is self-supporting for a span of 6 meters, and with important seismic isolation levels and combines four functions:
1. Roof, the panel is the roof
2. Photovoltaics, has a photovoltaic panel placed inside a double glazing, integral with the roof panel
3. Solar thermal, as a normal solar panel with a pigmented sheet and a hydraulic circuit.
4. Photovoltaic + Solar thermal

Through participation in specialized exhibitions in USA and specifically to Tech Connect Word in Santa Clara, California and the Clean Energy 2012 in Honolulu, in May 2013 Tech Connect Word in Washington, we presented the panel with important feedback of interest to justify the 'industrial implementation.
For this reason we have extended the patent in USA that we have been granted in 2015.

MAS Roof was born in late 2016 with the recognition of "Start up innovative". With this award we submitted an application for funding for productive investments to perfect the product and the production facilities.

It's intention is to promote in a structured manner and through appropriate marketing campaigns, product marketing, pilot production and its production in several countries in the future. At the moment the company has a small production facility for the launch and completion of the molds, and equipment manufacturer's specifications.
The activities are mainly related to the certification to the product launch with all commercial and technical aspects.