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MAS Roof Srl

MAS Roof s.r.l. is an innovative startup, based in Italy near Venice, founded in 2016.
The name “MAS” is an acronym for modular, anti-seismic and solar, three characteristics that show a new way of conceiving the roof.
MAS Roof has developed an innovative technology to create a structural panel with roof functions, that integrates photovoltaic, solar thermal or both systems.

• Vision
Making the most sustainable solutions for capturing and conversion of solar energy.

• Mission
Spread all over the world an innnovative and industrialized roofing system: modular, insulating, anti-seismic, with solar integrated; the all in one solution for clean energy production.

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MAS Roof was born in late 2016 with the recognition of "Start up innovative". With this award we submitted an application for funding for productive investments to perfect the product and the production facilities.

It's intention is to promote in a structured manner and through appropriate marketing campaigns, product marketing, pilot production and its production in several countries in the future. At the moment the company has a small production facility for the launch and completion of the molds, and equipment manufacturer's specifications. The activities are mainly related to the certification to the product launch with all commercial and technical aspects.